25 maart 2014

beautiful present

A few weeks ago I participated in the give-away that Lisa organized on her (beautiful beautiful) blog. I love her blog so much. Her style of writing is so simple but oh so nice to read. And she makes such clean and beautiful photographs. When she announced that I won her give-away, I was filled with happiness. Winning a give-away on one of my favorite blogs is lovely. Last week I received a little envelope. A little treasure filled with a bunch of things that make me happy and fill me with luck. Thank you so much, Lisa!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful goodies!
    Love stationary. <3 Congrats on the winning!!


  2. Wat een fijne spulletjes :) Geniet ervan!

  3. Wauw! Dat ziet er mooi uit! Originele give away spulletjes!

  4. Graag gedaan, veel plezier ermee… x