9 maart 2014


I saw the first butterfly of this year. He was dark brown with a big red dot on his wings. He sat on the blossoms in the plum tree. I was able to come really close. He gave me a good feeling, as if I was I welcome to greet him and look at him. When he flew away, I saw the birds, high in the sky. It looked as if they were playing with each other, happy that the sun is shining and nature is waking up from hibernation. I heard the bees humming and the birds tweeting. I smelled the grass and the trees. The sun was caressing the skin on my bare arms and the wind was playing with my morning hair. The wind wasn't warm, nor was it cold. It was just good.

I smiled and ran as fast as I could. In the garden, through the long grass and between the trees with their baby blossoms. Spring is back.

1 opmerking:

  1. Wij hebben ook een pruimenboom :) Ik zit er al de hele dag naast.