9 maart 2014

the beauty of nature

I like to be outside. To feel nature embracing me, to touch the plants and the grass. To bring my feet to places I've never been before, or places I know by heart. To breathe in the fresh air, and breathe it out again. To watch the sun playing a hard-to-get-game when he is hiding behind the clouds, but shows his smile now and then.
I love to see how nature acts. How the wind takes the seeds to other places. How other people watch the same sun as I do. How they inhale the same air, feel the same wind against their cheeks.
Nature is so wonderful.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, beautiful explination of nature!
    I always thought it was amazing to look at the moon at night and wonder who else is looking at it too. But to breathe the same air, look at the same sun, never thought about these things. Beautiful post.


  2. Ah, wat een mooie foto en mooie woorden. Ik kan mij ook zo verwonderen over de natuur!

  3. Prachtig, dit.
    En ik stuur je nog een mailtje ivm cargo collective!

  4. Wauw die foto is mooi! ik vind het ook heeel fijn om in het gras te zitten en de bloemen en bloesem is zo mooi