29 maart 2014

full of life

Back here I already showed some pictures of my youngest sister. In summer she will become sixteen years old, and it's incredible how much she's growing and transforming into a young lady. She's so aware of her own presence. Her movements are changing, the way she uses her hands and moves her head. Her eyes can look as if she has already experienced a whole lifetime, but from one moment to another she can change in a little girl that is not yet ready for the adult world. Her heart and blood are full of life and dreams. And it's so beautiful and inspiring to look at her, to observe her and to see her  change. I love to portrait her, to make her facial impressions and movements immortal and change them into photographs. I recognize myself in her. She's eight years younger than me, but when I look at her it's like I look at a mirror an see a younger me. Curious about the world and the future. She was in the garden, looking at blooming spring and enjoying the nice smelling fresh air. I grabbed my camera, and took some pictures of her. 
Young, and wild and free.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. die laatste <3
    toffe foto's. en het lijkt me zo leuk zo'n jong zusje te hebben en heel bewust dat volwassen worden mee te maken :)

  2. Wat een mooie zus heb jij, Ja de mijne is ook volwassen geworden. Zucht, bleef ze nog maar even jonger :)