29 maart 2014

will you help me?

Dear dear blogreaders, I have a question for you. Normally I wouldn't ask this, but I really need your help. I'm participating in this contest organized by Broke Bikes, in which I designed my own bicycle. I created a bike that's close to perfect, for me though. It's the beautiful one you can see below.

I chose a lot of white and brown, because the combination of those have a relaxing effect on me. Plus it's clean and simple, and I like that. A lot.

I'd like to ride the bike in the streets near my house, to ride on it to school and to work and just to explore: me sitting on that bike. But there I need your help. I need you to click on this link, and to click on "like" next to the picture of the beautiful bicycle I created. That's all you have to do. You don't need to register, or share it on your Facebook or Twitter. Just like that, that's all there is.

I would be so thankful if you'd do so. Unknown people and policemen have been taking away my previous bicycles (living in a city isn't always as peaceful as you think, especially not in Leuven) so now I don't have a bicycle anymore. I'd like this one so badly. Just because riding a bicycle is so lovely, and so friendly for the environment. And because this one is beautiful of course :). Will you help me? Go to this link (http://brokebik.es/designer-contest/entry/5336dba69841e8.22054341/#.Uzbu1VyaRPP) and show me your love! A jury will choose the winner of the contest out of the participants with the most likes. Yes, that's why I need your "like"!

And oh! Sharing on your own blog, twitter, Facebook, whatever, … means I'll send you even móre love.
Thank you so much!

PS: This post isn't sponsored. I'm just dreaming out loud about this beautiful bike.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh ik had die wedstrijd ook al gezien! Jammer genoeg is een koersfiets echt geen optie voor mij (instant rugpijn), anders had ik er ook al lang een ontworpen! Die van jou is zeer close to perfection trouwens, ik heb gestemd!

    1. Oh, dankje Hannelore! Heel lief van je :)

  2. Vrienden van mij doen ook mee, maar hey laat ik eens gek doen en op jou stemmen in plaats van mijn Facebook vol spammende vrienden :)

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